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Sharp XE-A107 Cash Register Review

The new XE-A107 series is the latest addition to Sharp’s best selling range of Electronic Cash Registers. With a compact yet stylish body and available in a range of 2 colours it is suitable for a wide variety of retail or hospitality applications.

A bright 9 digit 7 segment LED operator display gives clear information to the user and the 58mm wide printer gives clear and reliable printing. The 30 raised soft-touch keys are colour coded for ease of use and are designed to be hard wearing.

The XE-A107 series includes a lockable cash drawer and also comes with a handy storage tray to keep pens or other items tidy but yet close to hand. Sharp’s new XE-A107 range is the perfect machine for any small business.

Sharp XE-A107 Cash Register Features & Benefits:

Contemporary Stylish Design
Bright 9 digit LED operator display
Reliable drum printer prints 13 digits per line
Be safe with a lockable cash drawer with 3 note and 6 coincompartments
30 hard-wearing and soft touch raised keys
8 departments for flexibility
80 PLUs to suit most small business needs
4 VAT/TAX rates
Available in a choice of 2 colours to suit a wide variety of interiors
Mode key included for security

Sharp XE-A107 Cash Register Specifications:

Size: 335(W) × 360(D) × 190(H) mm
Weight: Approx. 4.0 kg
Display: LED (Light-Emitting Diode) 7-segment display (9 positions)
Printer: Type: 1 station print wheel selective type
Printing capacity: Max. 13 digits
Receipt (ON-OFF) function
Paper Roll: Width: 57.5 mm ± 0.5 mm
Max. diameter: 80 mm
Paper quality: Bond paper (0.06 to 0.08 mm thickness)
Cash Drawer: 3 slots for bills and 6 for coin denominations
Accessories included: Basic User Manual: 1 copy
Paper roll: 1 roll
Take-up spool: 1
Paper holding plate: 1
Mode key: 2
(same as Drawer lock key)
AC adapter: 1
Ink roller: 1 (already installed)

For more information and pricing please see our Sharp XE-A107 product page here

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